For heavy-duty use and challenging environments

ULTRA product family





Product warranty over the lifetime of the chain.





Western raw material





Fully hardened pins and bushes

Product warranty over the lifetime of the chain.

We are the only conveyor chain producer in the world to give a life-long, comprehensive product warranty for those Lapua ULTRA® chains which are registered online at our website. 


Thanks to Finnish production and the rigorous purchase of raw materials, we know exactly how our chains are produced.


The warranty covers both material and manufacturing defects!

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Best materials

To ensure top-quality hardening, Lapua Chains partners only with those Western suppliers who can provide the best raw materials.


All chain pins and bushes are hardened in their full length.

Lapua MFI®  The most modern induction hardening method on the market

By combining the benefits of through hardening and case hardening, the raw material becomes thoroughly hard and the surface develops an even harder, wear-resistant layer.


The advantages can be seen in riveted chains where the chain speeds are high and wear-resistance needs to be particularly good.


Choose durability.


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