Lapua Ultra 12 quality factors





Product warranty during the entire lifetime of the chain

As only company in the world, we provide product warranty during the entire lifetime of the chain. All of our chains are fully manufactured in Finland and because of our strict control of raw material sources, we have total control of the quality. Warranty covers all defects in raw materials and workmanship!





Western materials

A combination of hardening methods and materials gives our chains their unique durability-enhancing qualities. Only the best available materials are good enough to match the top-level hardening. We select the materials and their suppliers carefully, and have decided to cooperate with Western suppliers only.







All through hardened pins and bushes

Pins and bushes are hardened all through the material, which guarantees a wear surface that is multiple times thicker than what can be achieved with surface-hardening. Therefore the elongation caused by wear of the joints occurs slower, and the chain requires considerably less maintenance.






From end to end hardened pins and bushes

Pins and bushes are always hardened in their full length, also from the ends. This guarantees maximal resistance against the shearing loads between chain links, improving the chain's breaking load. Especially in riveted chains this feature provides stronger connection between side plates and pins and bushes.





Non-cracking bush

Heavy loads coming from the sprockets onto the bush, and especially load spikes can cause the bush to crack. Cracking occurs typically when using surface-hardened bushes. That is why our welded chains have through hardened bushes, which provides much improved protection against cracking.





Welded pins and bushes M224 and bigger

All our welded chains in sizes M224-M900 feature welded pins and bushes. This is not required by conveyor chain standards (SFS 2380, ISO 1977:2006, DIN 8167), but it allows us to achieve 40% more tensile strength and multiple times the fatigue durability of a riveted structure.





Riveted chains with Lapua Hybrid -hardened joints (M56-M160)

Lapua HYBRIDTM hardening is the newest innovation in conveyor chains. The method combines the best qualities of case hardening and through hardening, achieving exceptional levels of wear resistance. Riveted chains in particular require great wear resistance due to their typically fast operating speeds.





Dual-level riveted chains

All our riveted chain pins and bushes feature a so-called dual level structure. The dual levels lock the bearing pins and bushes to prevent spinning, which greatly increases the chain's durability. Additionally, the dual level structure creates a support for the side plates. Riveting against this support creates exceptionally strong joints.






Press fit

One of the most important features that makes Lapua ULTRA™ chains durable is the tight press fit technique, especially when the pins are attached to side plates. The pin transfers all force from the sprocket onto the side plate and from there forwards it to the entire chain. The press fit technique is extremely important especially for fatigue durability and tensile strength.





Cylindrical holes

To keep the chain intact, the side plate fits for the pins and bushes must be very precise. Thanks to the cutting method we use on our side plates, the holes for pins and bushes are exceptionally cylindrical also in larger chains. The chain can be used for long periods of time without fatigue to the joints of pins and bushes.





Easily weldable side plates

Side plates have an important part in keeping a chain durable. Various attachments and brackets are also often welded onto side plates. Thanks to the high-quality materials we use, our chains are easy to service and to add attachments. This is possible also in facility environments and with normal welding methods, without losing any of the chains' features.





Extreme frost resistance

Frost resistance is an important factor in Northern regions, when conveyors are exposed to the elements. The side plate material we use is exceptionally frost resistant, allowing the chain to retain its durability even in extreme weather conditions.

Choose durability.


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