LAPUA ULTRA® –product warranty over the lifetime of the chain!

We make all chains by ourselves in our own factory in Lapua. This way we know what we are doing and how the customer’s end product will be like. For this reason we give a life-long product warranty for Lapua ULTRA® chains. We are the only conveyor chain producer in the world to give out this warranty.


The product warranty is complemented with a brand-new labeling and  registration system, which is used to identify each Lapua ULTRA® manufacturing lot. This way each chain can be traced back to its very beginning.


Our life-long product warranty covers all material and manufacturing defects that could affect Lapua ULTRA® chains, from implementation to changeovers. Although the chain lifecycle depends on the application of the chain, the warranty covers them equally.


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Lapua ULTRA™ product warranty policy:


• Covers all material and manufacturing defects that could affect chains.

• The warranty is for the lifecycle of the chain, from its installation to its changeover, in one conveyor.

• Notice of registration must be made within 60 days of receiving the chain


• The warranty does not cover attachments or other special structures, measuring and planning, consequential damages, or normal wear and tear.


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