Chains for process industry

Transportation of bulk-like materials

Bulk-like materials are transported in several fields of industry. The chain conveyors used are typically conveyors, which function with either scraper chains or with different types of paired chains.


The requirements for the chains vary greatly from one application to another. The ability to choose the right solution for the right application is thanks to our long experience with different fields of industry. 


Crop conveyors, limestone conveyors, cement and concrete industry, chemical industry, mining industry, malting industry

Food industry

Chains have many different applications in food industry. If needed, the chains can be equipped with attachments or other kinds of fasteners.


The chains are usually based on standard chains but we can also prepare them according to the customer’s measurements. Materials vary from regular steel to stainless, acid-resistant or coated, such as galvanized, steel. Plastic parts, such as plain rollers made from plastic, can also be attached to the chain.



The requirements set for the handling of food products must also be considered in the lubrication.


Meat processing, oven chains, packing chains, waste conveyors

Steel industry

In the steel industry, chains are used to transport, for example, steel rolls or steel plates. The chains are used to transport heavy loads and for this reason they are usually equipped with plain rollers.


Needs for additional features are assessed individually. We deliver steel industry chains to several end-users and we also work together with machine manufacturers.


Transfer conveyors, stocking conveyors









Hardening ovens

Hardening ovens are used, for example, in stone and fibreglass factories. The chains are equipped with the necessary attachment structures that transport, for instance, the hardening sprues through the oven.


For high temperatures, it is essential that the chain is made from the right materials.


Hardening ovens, sprue attachment conveyors


Chain features 

Secure chains are the cheapest

Our chains have 40 per cent higher tensile strength than standard requirements, starting from size group M224.

Thoroughly hardened, extremely durable pins and bushes. The internal surfaces of the bushes are also hardened. 

Re-greasing holes and lubrication create significant savings in the chain’s total life-cycle costs.

Bushes and rollers are made seamlessly from tubes.

Extremely high-quality raw materials and hardening methods.

Bushes can be hardened from the inside.

Choose durability.


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