Basic products

Lapua Chains exceeds the requirements set by standards

Lapua Chains manufactures following products as basic products:

M-type basic chains SFS 2380

- A wide variety of raw material options and attachments available.


A-type chains SMS 1698

- Conveyor chains conforming to Swedish standards, which can be modified in the same way as M-type chains.


Attachment chains

- All the chains we manufacture can be equipped with various



Roller chains for the sawmill industry

- Size categories 16B – 32B

- We are the only manufacturer in Northern Europe to manufacture roller chains entirely ourselves, from parts to assembly.


Y-chains for the pulp industry

- Can be equipped with various attachments or brackets and re-greasing holes.





Conveyor chains are divided into different size classes based on their nominal breaking load. Up to the size class M160 all chains are riveted, and from then on they are all welded. Depending on the requirements of the application, even smaller chains can be welded.


Riveted chains M56–M160

Lapua Chain Ltd's chains' riveting is ready for the heaviest use, because the pins have been thoroughly hardened along their entire length. The pins are riveted and the bushes are attached by being press-on fitted. Unlike many other manufacturers, the internal surface of each bush is also hardened so as to minimize elongation.


Welded chains M224–M900

The breaking load of the welded Lapua chains is approximately 40 per cent higher than required by the standard, due to the fact that the bushes are attached by welding. The pins are also always welded. Both the pins and the bushes are hardened along their entire length, and further, the internal surfaces of each bush is hardened.


The International standard ISO 1977:2006

The International standard ISO 1977:2006 mainly defines chains' external dimensions. The extent of chains' technical properties that lead to an improvement in their durability depend on the manufacturer.




The chains' size classes are divided into five types based on each chain's properties, and then into different pitches based on the length of the chain's links.



A-type chains

Side plates are straight and the chains have no rollers attached to them. The chain is held up with a conveyor attached to the side plates.


The most used type in low-speed conveyors 

B-type chains

Similar to A-type, but has small rollers to reduce wear to the sprockets and bushes.


The chain can be supported by either the side plates or the rollers. When supported by the rollers, only light loads may be used. Applications for these chains include high-speed conveyors. 


C-type chains

On C-type chains, smooth, plain rollers reach above the chain's side plates. 


This chain is especially suitable for long conveyors and large loads. 





D-type chains

Lateral guidance is implemented by a flange on the plain roller. This roller must be hardened. 


The structure and applications of a D-type chain are otherwise the same as for C-type chains. 


E-type chains

The structure of this chain is similar to that of a C-type chain, but its side plates are raised higher than its plain rollers.


The material to be conveyed can be loaded directly onto the chain. 



We have developed ways to improve the chain durability in the critical parts of the chains. This is thanks to adopting technical solutions since the first steps of the process.

These improvements clearly exceed the requirements set by standards, but they are a default feature of all Lapua chains.

Chain features 

Secure chains are the cheapest

Our chains have 40 per cent higher tensile strength than standard requirements, starting from size group M224.


Thoroughly hardened, extremely durable pins and bushes. The internal surfaces of the bushes are also hardened. 

Re-greasing holes and lubrication create significant savings in the chain’s total life-cycle costs.

Bushes and rollers are made seamlessly from tubes.

Extremely high-quality raw materials and hardening methods.

The internal surfaces of the bushes are also hardened. 

Choose durability.


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