Chain solutions for different industries

Sawmill industry

Conveyor chains, sprockets and sliding guides are all integral components of a sawmill because each piece of timber is carried on chains throughout the sawing process. A sawmill's chains must operate with as little maintenance or interruption as possible.

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Pulp industry

The process water used in the manufacture of pulp can cause chains to rust.


Chains made from the highest-quality raw materials and processed with the best hardening methods will last the longest. 

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Paper industry

The lamella chain of a paper mill is a significant investment, and as such, it should be expected to last. Usually lamella chains require little maintenance, which means that their operation has to be extremely reliable.


We have extensive experience working with Finnish machine manufacturers and paper factories, which has helped us to design and manufacture durable chains for handling the roll at different stages of the process.


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Heating plants

Heating plants are often operated with very few staff, 24 hours a day, without any site-specific maintenance staff. This is why its conveyor chains must be exceptionally durable and reliable.

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Process industry

The conveyor chain requirements set by the process industry vary tremendously. The array of materials, environments and chain speeds is vast. However, the one thing in common is that the production cannot be interrupted. Once the process is in motion, there can be no unexpected interruptions.


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Woodchip and peat trucks


Chains are put to the ultimate test in trucks, where chips and peat are unloaded from behind. During the unloading process the sprockets expose the chain to extreme wear. Wood-based products are usually transported in a corrosive environment, which makes the chains subject to wear and locking. We have developed a specific product to address this problem.

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Chain features 

Secure chains are the cheapest

Our chains have 40 per cent higher tensile strength than standard requirements, starting from size group M224.

Thoroughly hardened, extremely durable pins and bushes. The internal surfaces of the bushes are also hardened. 

Re-greasing holes and lubrication create significant savings in the chain’s total life-cycle costs.

Bushes and rollers are made seamlessly from tubes.

Extremely high-quality raw materials and hardening methods.

Bushes can be hardened from the inside.

Choose durability.


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