Special products

Stainless and acid resistant chains

In environments prone to causing corrosion, chains made in part or entirely of stainless steel can be used.



To withstand even more demanding conditions, the chains can be made of acid resistant steel.


Heating plant conveyors

Hardened side plates

If the loads on top of the chain are heavy and the chain is moved on a sliding sprocket, the chain can be equipped with thicker-than-normal side plates.



Another advantage of hardened side plates is that they have a higher-than-normal breaking load.


A-type welded conveyor chain

Sawmill log tables

Various reception conveyors

Attachment chains

It is often necessary to join different attachment structures to the chain. Instead of welding, the attachments can be attached with bolts directly to the side plates or the attachment fittings.



Maintenance can be easily performed on the attachments in place, and the same attachments can be reused on new chains.


Heating plant conveyors


Heavy lifting chains

Our selection includes extremely heavy lifting chains for, e.g., lifting dam doors in hydropower plants and waterway canal systems.



Our completely self-sufficient manufacturing allows us to produce chains from a range of different raw materials. Our typical raw materials include various stainless and acid-resistant steels.



The pin distance in our chains is typically between 100 and 300 mm.



Hydropower plant dam doors, canals, plate 

bundle chains, pin chains 

Toothed chains

Toothed chains featuring toothed side plates are used in feed-ing the mill and in transporting the pre-cut timber.


The dimensions of the toothed chain models produced by Lapua Chains are based on the roller chains designed for power transmission applications. These chains' mechanical structures have been developed so that they are the best, most suitable choice for use on such conveyors.


Our range includes chains with each of the following pitches: 1” (16 B), 1.5” (24 B), and 2” (32 B).


Sawmill conveyors


Lapua Chains delivers sprockets in addition to chains and guides.  Purchasing all components from the same manufacturer is simple and cost-effective, and it guarantees that all parts fit together seamlessly.

Chain features 

Secure chains are the cheapest

Our chains have 40 per cent higher tensile strength than standard requirements, starting from size group M224.

Thoroughly hardened, extremely durable pins and bushes. The internal surfaces of the bushes are also hardened. 

Re-greasing holes and lubrication create significant savings in the chain’s total life-cycle costs.

Bushes and rollers are made seamlessly from tubes.

Extremely high-quality raw materials and hardening methods.

Bushes can be hardened from the inside.

Choose durability.


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