Woodchip and peat trucks

Truck unloading chains

The unloading chain used in peat and chip trucks is a chain based on standard chain measurements, but specifically designed for this purpose. Special features such as special hardening, extra backlashes and special lubrication are used in the chain.


In chip and peat trucks, the chain is subject to environmental influences such as temperature variations, humidity, road salt, finely grained obstructive materials and heavy loads.


The decades of development by Lapua Chains in cooperation with end-users and machine manufacturers has created a product that is a leader in its field.


The chain comes in two different types. The basic version is fully lubricated and it includes a post-lubrication hole placed in the bush. However, to ensure a long lifecycle, we recommend the type that includes mechanical pre-lubrication.     


Chip truck bodies, peat truck bodies, peat and chip containers, peat wagons


Chain features 

Secure chains are the cheapest

Our chains have 40 per cent higher tensile strength than standard requirements, starting from size group M224.

Thoroughly hardened, extremely durable pins and bushes. The internal surfaces of the bushes are also hardened. 

Re-greasing holes and lubrication create significant savings in the chain’s total life-cycle costs.

Bushes and rollers are made seamlessly from tubes.

Extremely high-quality raw materials and hardening methods.

Bushes can be hardened from the inside.

Choose durability.


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