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Lapua Chains and Jartek Invest have agreed over 1 million € supply contract

Lapua Chains and Jartek Invest have agreed over 1 million € supply contract

Lapua chain CEO satiesfied with the advantages and possibillities the new investments have brough to the company.



Press release 17.2.2021


Lapua Chains Ltd and machine manufacturer for wood processing industry, Jartek Invest Oy, have made an agreement for deliveries 2021-2023. The deliveries include mostly conveyor chains from Lapua Chains own production but also their trading department “Chain World” will supply among other products roller chains. The chains are mainly meant for the export markets, where Jartek Invest have major projects in Russia and France. The total sum of the agreement exceeds one M€. The total quantity of Chains is approximately 30 kilometres.


Trust founded on decades of co-operation


The contract has been preceded by a long-term co-operation. Quality and competitive terms decide what chain supplier we choose to our sawmill projects. A Finnish producer that is well known in our export markets is a crucial quality insurance to our customers says Jesse Kiuru director of acquisition at Jartek Invest.


Lapuas Chains´ CEO Tuomas Luoma tells that co-operation with machine manufacturers is an important part of Lapua Chains´ growth strategies.

Finland has internationally for a long time been considered as a high-quality supplier for wood processing industry. Large industries aiming to make production more efficient have big confidence in our product Luoma continues.


A high degree of domesticity is a basis for quality control and product development


Lapua Chains has a very high degree of domesticity and the conveyor chains are entirely produced in our own factory in Lapua, Finland. All materials are from Finland or at least from Western European countries. Some parts are produced by local sub-contractors. The high degree of own production is necessary for quality control and for continues and fast product development.


Lapua Chains investments in production and software have increased the growth of revenue. For deliveries of large orders in right time we have to increase the level of utilization of machines in production.


A large and long-term agreement give us a good base to operate from and predictability in our organisation. We have possibility to allocate the production and level out the normal fluctuations over the year. Some special work will demand increases of investments for tools and jigs, for example to our robot welding.

Large quantities in orders gives us a good opportunity to develop to methods of production Tuomas Luoma tells.


A small problem to Lapua chains is the sharp increase of the price of steel that has occurred from beginning of this year. We assume that the development in large is caused by Corona. We expect that the levels will be stabilised rather soon.



Jartek Invest Oy

Jartek Invest Oy is a family-owned company in Lahti, Finland with the roots from Sateko Oy founded in 1957. The Company produces machines and production lines to sawmill industry with heat treatment as one speciality. Main markets are Finland and Russia, but deliveries have been to many European Countries and for example also to Turkey, Iran, Japan and New Zeeland. Revenue varies much, 10-30 M€, depending on size of projects and delivery dates. Jartek Invest employs 30 wood processing professionals.

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