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An automatically updated stock list of conveyor chains can now be found on the Lapua Chains


In recent years, Lapua Chains has been developing its finished product stock. Now an automatically updated inventory list of finished stock products can be found from our website. From this much requested inventory list, our customers can see the current inventory situation. The storage covers the most common basic chains as well as some of the most requested specialty chains for various industrial fields.


Efforts have been made to increase the inventory in accordance with customer wishes, and it will continue to be actively developed in terms of both quantities and product range. Regarding this stock optimization, we are also happy to listen to our customers.  If there are any wishes, they can be presented to the sales personnel of Lapua Chains.

Due to the constantly evolving stock situation, we recommend that our customer would still be in touch with our sales personnel to ensure an accurate availability situation.


Web link to our stock list:

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